Basketball Poem- By Gabriel Odenore

Basketball is my sport
I love to run up and down the court
Dribbling and layups are not far away
While spin dunks and 3-pointers I dream to do on 2K

Dribble to the left, dribble to the right
While coach says basketball is just like a fight
Where on stupid mistake, one silly play can lose the game
While not turning up to training may lose you your fame

I love the pressure that basketball brings
Where seconds can decide if you get the NBA rings
Ankle breakers, posterizers and flashy passes look so cool
Forgetting the fundamentals make you look like a fool

Every kids dream is to be a franchise like MJ
But I will never forget the day
When I laid my eyes on Kevin Durant
When he shot over a player and made the player look like an ant

Well what I’m trying to say is basketball is more than a sport
It is a mentality, a mind set and a thought
You have to work hard and train yourself to learn the basics
While just being tall doesn’t mean you will make it!

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