Animal Farm Homework 2

Question: Does Animal Farm have an implied reader? Select at least three quotations from text to show.

I think that Animal Farm does have an implied reader and I think the implied reader was people living in the Russian Communism. I think George Orwell indirectly attacked the Russians through Animal Farm. George Orwell (author of Animal Farm) uses Mr Jones as a dictator and the animals as the people with no voice who want a classless society, so people can live equally. However in their multitudes, the animals overpower Mr Jones and create their own society.

Quote 1: “Misery and slavery: that is the plain truth.” This quote is from chapter one, where old Major, (the prize boar), is giving a speech on overthrowing and overpowering the humans. This is just like the Russian Communism, how people back then, were not enjoying life.

Quote 2: “Why, work night and day, body and soul, for the overthrow of the human race!” This is also from chapter one. You can see that old Major clearly wants to overthrow the humans from this quote. Another example we could use for an implied reader is the Uprising of slavery in America. The slaves hated the way they were treated and major figures like Harriet Tubman and others, helped get slavery abolished. Old Major is interpreted in animal Farm as a Harriet Tubman and Winston Churchill, a leader.

Quote 3: “All animals are equal.” This is also from Old Major’s speech. A classless society, a equal society.

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  • joelbnorth Says:

    Hello Gabriel,
    I am pleased that you are pushing yourself and exploring context and trying to relate this your understanding of the play. The quotations you have chosen are emotive and prove your point well.

    1) Have a look at my timeline of The Russian Revolution of 1917 on Edutronic. My understanding is that Mr and Mrs Jones stand in place of the Tsar. Consider: if Orwell published ‘Animal Farm’ in 1945, would he still be talking to the people of Russia through this novel? Is there another audience that his novel might be aimed at? Why?

    We will develop our application of relevant context as we continue to read the novel. Well done.