Animal Farm Homework 1

Task: Turn a part of your novel or Animal Farm into a comic/script/poem.

This poem is from chapter 1 of Animal Farm, where old Major is giving a speech about rebelling against the humans.

Poem: Rebellion against Humans!

‘Fellow comrades we must come together

Unless you want the human race to rule forever

Is our purpose just to work and eat a small amount of food?

And yet that puts us in a bad mood’


‘Why should we let these pity beings use us as slaves

And they eat and eat for the rest of their days

When we become tired and old

They will either slaughter us or we will be sold’


‘We are, we are, we are the animals of Animal Farm

Let us rebel without alarm

We are, we are, we are the animals of Animal Farm

And we will rule the humans and the entire farm!’



2 Responses to “Animal Farm Homework 1”

  • Joel North Says:

    I’m impressed that you did your work so swiftly, but I’m even more impressed with the quality of your work. It is clear that you have understood the content of the chapter. I firmly believe that repetition is poetry glue – this has been done very effectively in your last stanza.
    Target: next time, set yourself the challenge of not using rhyming couplets; this will really test your ability to create rhythm.