The Untold Six Years, Told!

From Chapter 8 to 9 the book’ The Chrysalids’ passed six whole years without explaining what happened in the six years. Now I, Gabriel, will inform you on all the exciting events. So lets begin, the love of David and Rosalind.

David and Rosalind
David and Rosalind have been good friends for many years because of the special link they share. David and Rosalind were both mutants. They can communicate telepathically. They are not the only ones, in fact there are many of them. However their love is very strange. They are family. David’s uncle Angus is Rosalind father. So their love is forbidden. Yet because they can secretly interact with each other, none of their family knows their passion for each other. David knew he cared a lot for Rosalind even before they knew they were in love. Now lets retell the moment when David and Rosalind looked at each other in a different way!

It was 2:00 PM after a church service recently finished. David and Rosalind were 13 years old at the time. Rosalind was holding her Bible when David accidentally crashed into Rosalind. They were dazed but they couldn’t their eyes of each other. They shared thoughts on how they never felt so happy and ran away to the local river. The two new lovers snuggled up and slept the night away.

6:00 AM the next day was when Rosalind and David woke up. Without hesitation they got up and ran back home. They blew kisses to each other as they sprinted back home. Both off them got confronted by their fathers asking them where they were the day before. They both replied, having an adventurous journey into the wonderful study of the Bible and decided to camp there to have a closer encounter with God. After their interrogation, the two went their rooms and thoroughly investigated every pros and cons to their relationship. There were not many pros to the relationship however because they were truly in love nothing could stop or block the feeling.

Now I have told you this romantic tale I hope you understand why Rosalind and David are in love.

The Untold story, has been TOLD!

2 Responses to “The Untold Six Years, Told!”

  • dryslic Says:

    Nice title Gabriel, you have an unusual and interesting way of telling the story. It is almost more journalistic than novelistic, maintaining a distance from the characters through the third person and telling the reader about both characters through the authorial voice. This works well in jumping between the inside and outside of the imagined world but perhaps does not help us to feel so close to the story? You succeed in imagining within and thinking beyond the imagined world however and write very clearly, well done. J

  • Gabriel Says:

    Thank you sir. It was a pleasure having you as a teacher!