God in Romeo and Juliet!

This not really a interpretation of God but how God is used in the play, written by William Shakespeare!

In the 1500-1600 England was a very strong Christian country! Everyone had to be Christian or face the consequences! The play of Romeo and Juliet completely takes out God. In the play there were many references to God but Romeo and Juliet both killed themselves!!?? This is means that a person has no belief in God and life! Christianity believes that committing suicide is the most sinful thing a human can do. Even killing someone else is considered a smaller sin than killing yourself. So why did Shakespeare even think of putting sinful actions in the play. Well my guess is that it contributes to the ‘tragedy’ of the play. Not only this structure of a play changed the world because so many plays have copied this, it might have influenced a slight of doubt for Christianity in England!

Next time I will talk about how God is used in the movie or if God is even used in the movie!? Thank for reading!!

One Response to “God in Romeo and Juliet!”

  • Christopher Waugh Says:

    This is a very reasonable series of ideas about the effects and consequences of Shakespeare’s choice to have the two main characters kill themselves. I think it is the fact that he was a popular writer, part of a mainstream organisation who deals with these difficult issues is one of the reasons his work has endured for so long.

    We are still wrestling with these same issues in society 400 years later!