Friar Lawrence’s Tattoo in the Movie!

This going to be a short piece of error in the movie! As you can see on the left of you can see Friar Lawrence’s tattoo! A Friar has a tattoo! A man of God should be praising God, not getting tattoos! My guess to why the tattoo is there because it is of Jesus’ cross. Baz Luhrmann should have thought how important God was in Shakespeare’s time and interpreted a Friar back then but more ‘down to earth’ if I should say. It would have been more suited for the Capulets and Montagues boys to have tattoos!

Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it!


2 Responses to “Friar Lawrence’s Tattoo in the Movie!”

  • Christopher Waugh Says:

    I can see what you mean with this response, Gabriel. Personally I think it fits the over-all exaggerated style of the whole film – which in itself does reflect the bawdy declamatory style of plays performed in Shakespeare’s time.

    Still, you may be right in suggesting that Luhrmann has gone one step too far with the tattoo.

    What would you have done? What kind of character would you have used to represent the Friar in the society of the film.

    I wonder if people had tattoos in Elizabethan England.

    Me Waugh.

    • Gabriel Says:

      Thank you for commenting sir! I think the Friar is represented well but he should look a bit more like a Elizabethan England.