8F English Blog Awards! E.B.A

This is your host Gabriel and this is the E.B.A Show! This is going to be a monthly post where I go look through all of 8F work and pick the best pieces of work each month! Tonight I will go and award each student on different categories of work!

OK lets start for best Presentation Award goes to (Drum roll please): Peter! Peter’s interpretation of Shakespeare Intentions is not only so accurately precise he even added colour to his text! Well Done Peter! This is the link to his work: http://theninja.student.edutronic.net/2012/10/10/shakespears-intentions/

OK lets now got to the next award is for the best Timeline Award goes to: Moniem! Hurray for you Moniem. His timeline is a excellent example of how all our timelines should be done! This is the link to his work: http://dreevil.student.edutronic.net/2012/10/04/romeo-and-juilet-timeline/

Thank you for listening and I hope you have enjoyed the E.B.A Show!!

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