Juliet Character Profile

Name: Juliet

Family: Capulet

Her Love: Romeo

Life Story: Juliet finds strength in her love for Romeo and hatches a plan with the Friar to help her escape her planned marriage to Paris for the arms of her husband, Romeo!  When she awakens from her induced (long) sleep, she finds Romeo dead in her family vault.  She refuses to be parted from her lover and stabs herself with his dagger.  Her death is the last installment in the tragic penalty paid for the inability of the Capulets and Montagues to live in peace.




3 Responses to “Juliet Character Profile”

  • meshach Says:

    If some-one is new to the book and they look at your journal ,you have a risk of telling them to much about the play so to avoid try to slim it down to the very beginning.Also if they are new to the play and they read in depth they will find out that Romeo is in love with Rosaline before Juliet and Juliet does not love anone until she sees Romeo.

    • Christopher Waugh Says:

      This is an interesting opinion. A way to get around it without diminishing the quality of what you’re writing would be to put a warning at the beginning telling your reader that “This piece contains spoilers”. Then again, the chorus tells us everything that is going to happen even before the play begins…

    • gabriel Says:

      Thank you Meshach for commenting on my work! This is very constructive criticism and now my character profiles will only contain information on when we are up to on the book and so that I will not spoil it too much!