Arsenal vs West Ham 3-1

8 October, 2012

Sorry for writing twice in one day but I just have to write about this thrilling game of football!

Match Report: It was Sheer class ultimately told for Arsenal, thanks to the coolest finish you could wish to see from Theo Walcott and a magnificent long-range strike from the outstanding Santi Cazorla. Arsenal was attacking West Ham intensely but the weight of luck went unto West Ham as Mohamed Diame collected the ball wide on Arsenal’s left, jinked past Per Mertesacker and unleashed a superb powerful shot that flew past Vito Mannone on the 21st minute! This helped West Ham confidence as they now started playing passes and attacking Arsenal. But against the swing of play Arsenal levelled the score on the 41th minute, Podolski whipped in a dangerous low cross as the new French striker Giroud easily tapped it in! HALF TIME

The match begins again and it was intresting as when Arsenal attacked, with a West Ham counter attack! Andy Carroll amazing height was a real threat to the more and more busy Mannone! West Ham suffered a set back as Vaz Te dislocated his soulder! There was no goals until the 76th minute! Giroud made a brilliant through ball as Walcott made a cool finish into the front post! No chance for the powerless Jaaskelainen! Then to rub salt into West Ham wounds the playmaker Carzola who scored a ‘banger’ that sent no hopes of West Ham coming back! FINAL WHISTLE

After the match Arsene Wenger said about Carzola: “He’s fantastic to play with every day. He’s our conductor. I don’t even know what foot is his best to be honest.” “Either, or both, are proving to be a considerable weapon.”

I’m Gabriel, and I hope to talk about another thrilling encounter of

The Premier League Report!!!

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  • Christopher Waugh Says:

    Gosh, never apologise for using your blog to practice your sports journalism or share your enthusiasms.

    Since we’re doing an investigative journalism project later in the year, this skill of yours is going to come in handy!

  • gabriel Says:

    Thank you sir for all the positive feedback you are giving me, it is really improving my English writing overall!!