Dec 17 2012

EBA Awards: December 2012: Results

To follow are the official results of the EBA Awards for December 2012. Invented by Gabriel, these awards are designed to celebrate excellence, creativity and innovation in Year 8 Blogging.

Voted for by the students themselves, everyone gets one watchmark for every vote they receive, and the winners of each category get 5 watchmarks. The top 4 blogs also get promotion on their peer’s blogs, and get profiled for 14 days on the Edutronic front page.

The winners are:


  1. Gabriel’s English Blog
  2. Henry’s English Blog


  1. Gabriel’s English Blog
  2. Meshach’s English Blog


Conratulations to everyone involved!



Mr Waugh

Nov 26 2012

E.B.A Alert!

Hello guys just quickly wanted to say this is your last week before it is December! get in your great pieces of work so you can have a chance of winning the E.B.A!!!!

Nov 1 2012

E.B.A Awards Alert

Hi! Just a reminder that it is a new month so start planning so great pieces of work to do so you can have a chance to win the prize and the noble E.B.A Awards!!

Oct 24 2012

8F English Blog Awards! E.B.A

This is your host Gabriel and this is the E.B.A Show! This is going to be a monthly post where I go look through all of 8F work and pick the best pieces of work each month! Tonight I will go and award each student on different categories of work!

OK lets start for best Presentation Award goes to (Drum roll please): Peter! Peter’s interpretation of Shakespeare Intentions is not only so accurately precise he even added colour to his text! Well Done Peter! This is the link to his work:

OK lets now got to the next award is for the best Timeline Award goes to: Moniem! Hurray for you Moniem. His timeline is a excellent example of how all our timelines should be done! This is the link to his work:

Thank you for listening and I hope you have enjoyed the E.B.A Show!!