Sep 30 2015

This Flesh is Mine

Sep 25 2015

English Coursework 1

Descriptive writing coursework

The crowd goes wild. There is 10 seconds left in the NBA Finals. OKC VS Pelicans at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. The set is tied at 3-3, winner takes all. The Pelicans are winning 90-88.OKC fans are screaming “Defence, Defence” as the tall, strong figure of Anthony Davis collects the ‘rock of dreams’ in the post. Suddenly out of now, the Congolese giant Serge Ibaka swiftly and cleverly steals the ball of Davis and the crowd turns electric,  fans are screaming, shouting “fast break.” The big televisions screens loom above OKC’S superstar Kevin Durant collects the ball from Ibaka. Every single fan is on the edge of their seats, the atmosphere couldn’t be anymore tense. Kevin Durant slickly dribbles past Tyreke Evans and dashes the ball to the explosive and energetic Russell Westbrook, who is standing at the three point line (also known as the ‘drain lane.’) Three seconds to go, down by three, takes a soul clenching chance and shoots the three pointer. The crowd holds their breath in shock and dismay, the arena was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Three tension seconds later, the ball finally connects with the net making the cleanest “SWISH” sound ever. And the crowd goes in to a wild riot. Then the buzzer goes off.

Kevin Durant entered the silent Chesapeake Energy Arena. As he walked down the gleaming court, he looked to the left and saw the bright blue chairs empty but still had a ticket of the game that OKC had. The three giant television screens had the brilliant blue and orange logo of OKC appeared as Kevin Durant walked down the court. The air felt tense as Kevin Durant shot jump shots continously. After his 150th shot, Kevin Durant decided to take a rest for a few minutes. As he was drinking, he looked up and saw the gigantic banner which read ‘GO OKC GO.’ The rims had a beautiful orange sparkle and the net was a crisp white, with every cross identical. Even the bench looked fantastic, a dark menacing matte black, hot enough to warm the coldest of bums. As Kevin Durant was about to continue shooting, he inspected and studied the basketball, focusing on the black lines and the fine stitching. The ball’s manufacture number was 9091.




Sep 21 2015

Drama Journal- This Flesh Is Mine (Act 1 Scene 1) Summary

I will be working with Bruke Workneh in this scene. Summary- Agamemnon meets with Achilles. Agamemnon needs Achilles to fight the Trojans, however Agamemnon has disrespected and hurt Achilles’s pride as he stole Briseis from him. Agamemnon offers Achilles many treasures but Achilles filled with pride refuses his offers.