Mar 31 2014

Lady Macbeth Wants To Be King?

‘That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here,’

At first when reading this soliloquy from Lady Macbeth, many thoughts come to mind. Does she want to change gender or does she want to be become something more than mortal? Well you must read on through the soliloquy to understand Lady Macbeth’s true desires.

‘And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full’ ‘Of direst cruelty! make thick my blood;’
Many of you will be going ‘ohh’ and ‘ahh’ and ‘I understand now!’ However for those who are going ‘WHAT??!! I don’t have a clue.’ Lady Macbeth wants to swap places with her husband, Macbeth, and use his gender to become king.  I know this because she says ‘And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full’ which bascially means, make me become king. Anyone with any knowledge of Lady Macbeth’s character will understand that she has no belief in Macbeth’s ambition to become king. Lady Macbeth’s character seems more commanding than Macbeth and is Macbeth’s ‘second brain’, telling and making decisions for him. Finally in the soliloquy Lady Macbeth is trying to speak to the spirits, if there are any spirits, in the soliloquy….

Mar 24 2014

Letter to Lady Macbeth

Dear wife,

These supernatural beings approached me after I returned from my triumphant battle. They told me many good reports about my future, then they turned into air and vanished. I do not have a single ounce in trust in these beings,. My wife, I wanted to question them further on their ‘prophecies’. Just like they ‘proclaimed’ I received a promotion in the ranks, a very high position indeed. These beings also claimed that I shall be the next king, quote Hail, king that
shalt be!’ Consequently I had a meeting with King Duncan and his son Malcolm. They have a desire to meet us at our castle. This could be my chance to end the king’s rein and begin my reign as king!
Now my dearest wife, I have not made an idea for ceasing the current kings reign, however I have got a few plans up my sleeve. The obvious way is to ‘get rid’ of the king, however I believe that I might not survive to become king. Maybe an ‘accident’ could occur which could leave the king dead. I am very confused and I need thou’s help to help me fulfill my dream. As you can see, with the up most importance, you shall not breathe a word of this letter to anyone.

From, you know who

Mar 12 2014

Life Of Pi Film Review


Through a terrible tragedy, Pi is separated from his family through a journey to Canada,becomes shipwrecked, and his only companion is Richard Parker, the tiger fighting for survival and searching for the right religion.


The adventure starts in Pondicherry, India where Piscine Patel changes his name to Pi so he can avoid being bullied by his peers. His family owns a zoo however the business is failing this is why the Patel family decide to move to Canada.  On the zoo Pi encounters Richard Parker, the tiger. Then the ship that the Patels were on, started to sink and sadly only Pi survived the tragedy. Pi survives by jumping into a small boat with three different animals, a tiger, a hyena and a orangutan. After a few days on the boat, Pi and the animals become hungry and the hyena kills and eats the orangutan. Pi becomes distressed and Richard Parker eats the hyena. Richard Parker and Pi build up a relationship when they are shipwrecked. They go on an unforgettable journey that tests Pi’s faith and even the viewers faith and beliefs.

Ang Lee includes many different religions and beliefs. Pi’s father acts, behaves and talks like an atheist and contradicts Pi from even having faith in a religion. However his mother is more opened minded and tries to reason with his father. God and science are the two main beliefs in Life Of Pi. It is unknown if Ang Lee uses Life Of Pi to send a message about religions and faith but they sure do add depth to Life Of Pi. This creates question that are not answered specifically in Life Of Pi. He is the god of Life Of Pi universe, always in control.

Life Of Pi is visually very attractive to the eye, in 3D or 2D. Seem less transitions and perfect mirror images creates such an atmosphere that the viewer can believe that they can touch or smell the salty sea water.

5 out of 5 fothe movie Life Of Pi