Nov 26 2012

Act 1: Scene 1 New Slang School

Hello guys, this is going to be another new feature of my blog inspired by the interpretations we did in class! I will skip the chorus as I already have done it. I will be always updating this weekly! I hope you enjoy!                                                                                                                                                                  Act 1 Scene 1 Surrey Quays

Sampson: Gregory, don’t let the dead ting Montagues insult us!                                   Gregory: Then we will be flipping bin men! (laughs)                                                        Sampson: When we are angry, we will smash the Montagues faces. (punching air)                                                                                                                                           Gregory: While you are alive, take your neck out of the hangman rope.                                                                                                                                        Sampson: When angered, I will throw punches quickly! (ducking and punching) Gregory: Your don’t get angry too  quickly!                                                                           Sampson: Only looking at the ‘wastemen’ Montagues  make me angry ‘Fam’.           Gregory: Getting angry is the same as starting a fight, to be brave is to stand. If your angry you running away.                                                                                                     Sampson: I shall get close to the wall, to avoid the F.O.B’s they call Montagues!   Gregory: Your weak like a midget, only the weak go to the wall!                                   Sampson: I will ‘bang up’ the Montagues and get a bit physical with the Montagues girls! You know what I am saying? (laughs)                                                    Gregory: Yeah!? (looks not amused)   The fight is between our bosses and us men                                                                                                                                         Sampson: It’s all good! If I fight their men, I will shoot the heads of the women! (My Interpretation of guns used in the movie)                                                                     Gregory: Whoa, Sampson do you need a blackman to punch your head!? Shoot the women heads?!? (looks through Sampson ear to see if their is any brain)                                                                                                                                           Sampson: Get off me! Yes their heads! (Gregory starts to think)                                 Gregory: Oh Ok (nods head)

Nov 26 2012

Tybalt Character Profile

Name: Tybalt

Hate: All Montagues

Cousin: Juliet

Life Story: Tybalt is unwilling to tolerate Romeo’s presence at the Capulet party and seeks revenge.  When he finally meets Romeo in the street, Romeo refuses to fight.  Tybalt does not know Romeo is now his kinsman.  Tybalt instead fights Mercutio and takes a cheap shot under Romeo’s arm when he tries to break up the fight.  Romeo finally fights Tybalt to avenge Mercutio.  Tybalt is killed by Romeo, which causes Romeo’s banishment.




Nov 26 2012

E.B.A Alert!

Hello guys just quickly wanted to say this is your last week before it is December! get in your great pieces of work so you can have a chance of winning the E.B.A!!!!

Nov 26 2012

Friar Lawrence’s Tattoo in the Movie!

This going to be a short piece of error in the movie! As you can see on the left of you can see Friar Lawrence’s tattoo! A Friar has a tattoo! A man of God should be praising God, not getting tattoos! My guess to why the tattoo is there because it is of Jesus’ cross. Baz Luhrmann should have thought how important God was in Shakespeare’s time and interpreted a Friar back then but more ‘down to earth’ if I should say. It would have been more suited for the Capulets and Montagues boys to have tattoos!

Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it!


Nov 26 2012

God in Romeo and Juliet!

This not really a interpretation of God but how God is used in the play, written by William Shakespeare!

In the 1500-1600 England was a very strong Christian country! Everyone had to be Christian or face the consequences! The play of Romeo and Juliet completely takes out God. In the play there were many references to God but Romeo and Juliet both killed themselves!!?? This is means that a person has no belief in God and life! Christianity believes that committing suicide is the most sinful thing a human can do. Even killing someone else is considered a smaller sin than killing yourself. So why did Shakespeare even think of putting sinful actions in the play. Well my guess is that it contributes to the ‘tragedy’ of the play. Not only this structure of a play changed the world because so many plays have copied this, it might have influenced a slight of doubt for Christianity in England!

Next time I will talk about how God is used in the movie or if God is even used in the movie!? Thank for reading!!

Nov 1 2012

E.B.A Awards Alert

Hi! Just a reminder that it is a new month so start planning so great pieces of work to do so you can have a chance to win the prize and the noble E.B.A Awards!!