Oct 7 2012

My First Post without the IPads!

This is my first post to the world and I just wanted to say HI!!! This is so exciting writing to the world this will not be the last post I will ever make! So now you would be wondering ‘What is the smart, brilliant, beautiful Gabriel is going to talk about in his blog?’ Well I will be talking my English class, my family and friends, the footie on telly (especially about Arsenal) and the food I eat at home (pounded yam, jollof rice etc)!! Thanks for reading and I will be posting very soon!!

Oct 4 2012

My Timeline of Romeo and Juliet So Far!

Sunday Morning: Geogory and Sampson were at a public place and mocking the Montagues when Abram (a Capulet) came across their taunting and Sampson stupidly bites his thumbat Abram!! They quarrel and almost start to fight but Benvolio stop them. Then they start to quarrel but some officers stop the fight! The Prince has a go at the two families!

┬áRomeo Enters: Benvolio tries to talk to Romeo but Romeo starts to morn over his love ROSALINE!! They go for a walk and see servant of the Capulet but he can’t read! Romeo reads the Capulet party list and decides he would go to the party!