Oct 24 2012

8F English Blog Awards! E.B.A

This is your host Gabriel and this is the E.B.A Show! This is going to be a monthly post where I go look through all of 8F work and pick the best pieces of work each month! Tonight I will go and award each student on different categories of work!

OK lets start for best Presentation Award goes to (Drum roll please): Peter! Peter’s interpretation of Shakespeare Intentions is not only so accurately precise he even added colour to his text! Well Done Peter! This is the link to his work: http://theninja.student.edutronic.net/2012/10/10/shakespears-intentions/

OK lets now got to the next award is for the best Timeline Award goes to: Moniem! Hurray for you Moniem. His timeline is a excellent example of how all our timelines should be done! This is the link to his work: http://dreevil.student.edutronic.net/2012/10/04/romeo-and-juilet-timeline/

Thank you for listening and I hope you have enjoyed the E.B.A Show!!

Oct 24 2012

Lord Capulet Character Profile

Name: Lord Capulet

Love: Lady Capulet

Daughter: Juliet

Life Story: Lord Capulet easily shifts moods  (saying no one minute and yes the next) and is quick to try to jump into battle. Unlike his wife he is not so keen of a boy for Juliet at such a young age! More information will be added as my class (8F) read the book!



Oct 24 2012

Lady Capulet Character Profile

Name: Lady Capulet

Love: Lord Capulet

Daughter: Juliet

Life Story: Lady Capulet is delighted when the rich famous Paris wants to marry her daughter! (Instant money!!!) But Juliet has found another love that she wants to marry!! What is going to happen? Well, you will find out when I get to the stage in the book!!!


Oct 20 2012

Interpretations about Romeo and Juliet

This is going to be another weekly post about all the interpretations in Romeo and Juliet! I will start of Prince and then as we read in class more I will find more interpretations between the film and movie.

Oct 19 2012

Juliet Character Profile

Name: Juliet

Family: Capulet

Her Love: Romeo

Life Story: Juliet finds strength in her love for Romeo and hatches a plan with the Friar to help her escape her planned marriage to Paris for the arms of her husband, Romeo!  When she awakens from her induced (long) sleep, she finds Romeo dead in her family vault.  She refuses to be parted from her lover and stabs herself with his dagger.  Her death is the last installment in the tragic penalty paid for the inability of the Capulets and Montagues to live in peace.




Oct 19 2012

Romeo Character Profile

Name: Romeo

Family: Montague

His Love: Juliet

Life Story: He meets the daughter of his family’s enemy and falls madly in love with her, forgetting his previous love for a girl named Rosaline. He is quick to action and slow to reasoning, which may seal his fate.  He marries Juliet but is provoked into a fight and kills her cousin Tybalt. He kills himself in Juliet’s tomb when he believes her to be dead.

Actor Name: Leonardo DiCaprio


Oct 19 2012

Romeo and Juliet Character Profiles

This is going to be a weekly post about characters in Romeo and Juliet Profiles. I will start of with Romeo, Juliet and Tybalt but from next week you can decide who I should write about! The choice is in your HANDS!!

Oct 15 2012

Romeo and Juliet – Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars

This is really, really late but I have thought about this very thoroughly!

So this passage by Romeo, is about Romeo doubts about going to the Capulet Party! Before I breakdown bit by bit of this passage, I think that this is one of the most powerful parts of the book.

The first line ‘I fear, too early: for my mind misgives’ means that my mind (Romeo’s mind) warns him if Romeo go to the party before his time something bad is going to happen. The second line ‘Some consequence yet hanging in the stars’ means that some consequence is hiding in the stars so that he does not go! The third line ‘Shall bitterly begin his fearful date’ means that his death date shall begin to come close if he goes to the party. The fourth line ‘With this night’s revels and expire the term’ means that when the night comes (when he is at the party) and his life will expire. The fourth line ‘Of a despised life closed in my breast’ means that he hides his bad life to himself (his breast) where no one will find it. The firth line ‘By some vile forfeit of untimely death.’ (this is a hard one) means that if he goes to the party that is the forfeit of his life and he will die before his time! The sixth line ‘But He, that hath the steerage of my course,’ is very powerful and I will explain about this later! The line means that God (He) will control Romeo’s bumpy life! Finally the last line of this passage ‘Direct my sail! On, lusty gentlemen.’ means that Romeo’s wants God to control his life (sail) and called him ‘strong, controlling’ gentleman!

I was talking about how powerful this was because the book tells you about what is going to happen but this adds to it because Romeo said that something bad will happen! Also that the last two lines talk about God and in that in Shakespeare time everyone was Christian but Romeo killed himself that was a sin at that time. I will leave you with that point!

Oct 8 2012

Arsenal vs West Ham 3-1

8 October, 2012

Sorry for writing twice in one day but I just have to write about this thrilling game of football!

Match Report: It was Sheer class ultimately told for Arsenal, thanks to the coolest finish you could wish to see from Theo Walcott and a magnificent long-range strike from the outstanding Santi Cazorla. Arsenal was attacking West Ham intensely but the weight of luck went unto West Ham as Mohamed Diame collected the ball wide on Arsenal’s left, jinked past Per Mertesacker and unleashed a superb powerful shot that flew past Vito Mannone on the 21st minute! This helped West Ham confidence as they now started playing passes and attacking Arsenal. But against the swing of play Arsenal levelled the score on the 41th minute, Podolski whipped in a dangerous low cross as the new French striker Giroud easily tapped it in! HALF TIME

The match begins again and it was intresting as when Arsenal attacked, with a West Ham counter attack! Andy Carroll amazing height was a real threat to the more and more busy Mannone! West Ham suffered a set back as Vaz Te dislocated his soulder! There was no goals until the 76th minute! Giroud made a brilliant through ball as Walcott made a cool finish into the front post! No chance for the powerless Jaaskelainen! Then to rub salt into West Ham wounds the playmaker Carzola who scored a ‘banger’ that sent no hopes of West Ham coming back! FINAL WHISTLE

After the match Arsene Wenger said about Carzola: “He’s fantastic to play with every day. He’s our conductor. I don’t even know what foot is his best to be honest.” “Either, or both, are proving to be a considerable weapon.”

I’m Gabriel, and I hope to talk about another thrilling encounter of

The Premier League Report!!!

Oct 8 2012

Timeline of Romeo and Juilet: Act 1 Scene 3-4

8 October, 2012

Act 1 Scene 3: Juilet’s mother (Lady Capulet) is really excited about the marriage proposal from the rich, fabulous Paris and Nurse is even more excited! But the only person who is not happy about the proposal is Juilet!! She said that she does not seek marriage yet as she is only 13 but her mother keeps persisting her to accept the proposal even though her father said no to the proposal! So, what is going to happen, will Juilet get married to Paris or say no and break he mother’s heart! You will find out next time!

Act 1 Scene 4: Benvolio, Mercuito and Romeo are ready to go the Capulet party! (They are all Montagues) But Romeo is still heartbroken from his love Rosaline! Benvolio and Mercuito try to lift his spirit but it just gets Worse! So, will Romeo have the time of his life and find the love of his life or go to the party and be a spoilsport and not enjoy himself! You will find out next time!